Technical Museum


National Technical Museum “Prof. Ing. DIMITRIE LEONIDA”

CONTACT: 2 Candiano Popescu Street, 040583, district 4, Bucharest Phone: 0040 21 3367777; 0040 21 3369390; 0040 21 3369399 Fax: 0040 21 3367777 VIZITING PROGRAM: Wensday to Sunday, 9:00 to 17:00


Pioneer of technical progress in Romania, Dimitrie Leonida (1883 – 1965) founded in 1909, the Technical Museum in Bucharest, having as model the Technical Museum in Munich (1903), visited by Leonida during his studies at the Polytechnic School in Charlottenburg (1903 -1908). Technical Museum in Bucharest was meant to be “a school of schools” in which visitors can complete their knowledge and to combine theory with practice. Returned to Romania in 1908, Dimitrie Leonida founded the first School of Mechanics and Electricians in Romania, a school where education was free of charge, all the expense being supported by the founder. With his students, Professor Dimitrie Leonida collected the first pieces that formed the nucleus of the future museum. In the first two years the museum functioned in the same building with the School of Mechanics and Electricians, placed in Mendeleev Street (formerly Spring). The building was donated to the municipality by engineer Chiru, with testamentary clause that this building will be used for education and culture by the workers. Since 1928, the museum was housed in one of the existing pavilions in Carol I Park, and since 1935 it was hosted in the current building. The 300 museum collections comprise more than 5,000 exhibits, representing as many testimonies about the evolution of technique. The museum collections are structured in the following sectors: mechanics, magnetism and electricity, gas discharge, atomic physics, heat and steam machinery, energy, auto-moto-velo, lighting, optics, photography, cinematography, sound recording and playback, telecommunications, computing and printing machinery, aviation and aerospace, hydraulics, industrial machinery, electrical machinery, siderurgy, machine tools. Approximately 800 exhibits of the total assets held are part of the national treasury. What distinguishes this museum from others with the same profile is its pronounced educational character. The founder of the museum wanted it to be a place where everyone can see or operate the mechanisms that illustrate the laws of mechanics, electricity and magnetism, etc. Property of the Ministry of Electricity since 1953, administrated by Electrica S.A. since 2000 and administrated by S Electrica Serv SA since 2005, The National Technical Museum “Prof. Ing. Dimitrie Leonida”, institution with over 100 years tradition, is a Parthenon of Romanian and universal science.

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