Consulting and design



Consultancy and Design

Electrica Serv offers a large portfolio of consultancy and design works in order to bring the energy wherever it is needed and to assure its clients energy efficiency.

  • Solution studies for power supply, as well as for mounting fiber optic and CATV networks on electricity distribution poles;
  • Obtaining energy approvals (location, connection technique);
  • Consultancy for the commissioning and reception of works;
    Optimization of electricity use installations;
  • Circuit optimizations;
  • Reducing energy losses;
  • Reactive energy compensation;
  • Calculation of minimum technological power;
  • Resizing installations;
  • Use of high-performance equipment;
  • Solutions for remote monitoring of electrical parameters, remote control of equipment and remote management of consumed electricity;
  • Optimization of the electrical power installations:

  • pre-feasibility studies;
  • technical project;
  • Task book;
  • execution details;
  • project – building permit;
  • dissolution project;
  • tender documentation;
  • construction project verifications through MLPTL certified verifier;

  • Design services for:

  • overhead power grids with rated voltages between 0,4 Kv and 400 kV;
  • underground electricity networks with nominal voltages between 0.4 Kv and 110 kV;
  • medium voltage / low voltage (MT / JT) substations for overhead, above ground, underground and supply points;
  • 110 kV / MT transformer stations and connection stations;
  • energy technological constructions;
  • civil engineering and installations;
  • mounting fiber optic and CATV networks on electricity distribution poles;
  • public and ornamental lighting;

  • Topometry works, map digitization, geodesy and cadastre with ONCGC certification.
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