Power equipment maintenance



Verifications, inspections and repairs

We want to ensure efficient and safe operation of power equipment owned by our clients and therefore we have developed specialized services, tests, maintenance and repair them.

  • Maintenance, repair transformers putere110kV/MT with powers from 6.3 to 40 MVA;
  • Maintenance, repair power transformers MV / LV with powers of 16 – 4000KVA;
  • Repair, rehabilitation transducers 0,4 kV – 110 kV;
  • Repair primary switching equipment:

  • breakers, disconnectors 0.4 kV – 400 kV;

  • Repair:

  • drives for 110kV breakers – 400kV;
  • drives for medium voltage circuit breakers;

  • Repair of rotating electrical machines from 6 to 0.4 kV with power from 0.15 to 150 kW;
  • Reconditioning of 0.4 kV switchgear:

  • contact;
  • thermal relays;
  • with high breaking capacity fuses;

  • Inspection and testing surge variable resistance;
  • Testing electrical protection means (pipes, power indicator, etc.);
  • Testing personal protective equipment (gloves, boots, boards, insulating mats, etc);
  • Manufacture and repair transformers and special welding (dry), rectifiers, welding generators;
  • Repair pumps and fans;
  • Repair induction heating coils;
  • Repair battery pack;
  • Physical – chemical insulating oils, other petroleum products (gasoline, greases, etc..) And wastewater;
  • Reconditioning insulating oils (Tr25, TR30-01, ET10);
  • Monitoring and diagnostic power equipment:

  • equipment for determining the status of electrical equipment insulation and moisture content (EVIATEP);
  • system monitoring and online diagnosis of power transformers (MODIATEP1);
  • system monitoring and diagnostics of power transformers offline (MODIATEP2);

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