Standardization activities of labor



Standardization activities of labor

Increasing the importance of “time” factor in the development strategy of a trader must be a constant concern of management. Effective management of this precious resource with the direct labor productivity growth is possible through the application of labor standards, drawn from the analysis of all work processes based on appropriate methods which determine the amount of work necessary to conduct operations works or activities.

  • Complete offer of services and works:

  • Develop rules for labor based work processes and existing technology files for different types of systems and technologies;
  • Review rules for existing work;
  • Development of standards of work – work tasks or the jurisdiction and service area;
  • Determination of loading equipment and employment service staff;
  • Education employment organization;
  • Studies efficient use of working time;
  • Programmes of measures to increase labor productivity;
  • Develop technical indicators occupancy used in electricity trades;
  • Determining staffing and activities each unit according to labor standards and regulations;
  • Standardization and technical staff – economic: setting duties, work or tasks and determining optimal individual fund available for work;
  • The analysis of work efficiency and measures for its growth (employment determination);
  • Works on work organization representing the research processes and working conditions, and other factors to determine the appropriate use of labor and the establishment of measures resulting from these studies.


  • S.C. Electrica S.A
  • S.C Bere Azuga SA
  • S.C. Hidroserv Hateg SA
  • S.C Alt Univers Company 2002 SA
  • S.C. Coca Cola HBC Romania
  • British –American Tobacco Romania Investment SRL
  • Phillip Morris Romania SRL

Works carried out:

  • The rules of time (labor) in physical units for the design of the transmission and distribution of electricity.
  • Construction rules for operating, maintenance and repair LEA, LES, PRAM, PT, transformer stations, repair primary switching gear and transformers.
  • While rules for the supply of electricity.
  • Determination of employment of staff on activities.
  • Education and work organization effects on the number of personnel.
  • Determination of average class work. Correspondence between classes and categories.
  • Calculation of equivalence installations, KME calculation and determination of the staff.
  • Development of ITO (technical indicator employment) for occupations in the energy system.
  • Labor standards for work in the areas of service operators.

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